Admission of children for the 2021-2022 academic year

About school


We recruit children from 3 to 11 years old.
Our curricula are unique because they allow you to work even with toddlers, subsequently transferring children ready for the professional stage to the leading ballet schools in Russia and Europe.

We start working with students at a very young age - exactly when they have the highest potential for the development of flexibility, which allows us to grow truly talented dancers on the basis of the Central Ballet School Pre-Academy, so that they can continue their professional education already in higher choreographic educational institutions.

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Our mansion

Place of creative power

For a person of art, the environment is very important. In an atmosphere where everything is steeped in history, you want to create.

We have been looking for a place for the Central Ballet School "Pre-Academy" for a long time. We reviewed dozens of rooms, but none of them fit, and now, finally, we found it - a mansion in the Sivtsev Vrazhek lane, where every stone keeps the memory of the great creative personalities who lived and worked here. It creates a special environment which will help students perceive ballet as part of a culture and an art form, with its own history and traditions.

We want our school to combine the traditions and experience of the past with modern methods and create a future for children who become our students.

Our mansion
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