Admission of children for the 2021-2022 academic year


GMS Clinic

GMS Clinic is a faithful and kind doctor for a student of the Central Ballet School which provides a wide range of medical service both for children and their parents and is located not far from the school. Due to its long and successful collaboration with Moscow Choreographic Academy as well as basketball and other sport clubs of Moscow, the GMS Clinic doctors are considered to be the masters of the unique expertise considering the specific physical development of a child in choreography as well as in sports. GMS provides a student of CBS with a great number of consultations held by a pediatrician, traumatologist, otolaryngologist, urologist, ophthalmologist, dermatologist, allergologist and other specialists. Personal muscle loading is calculated and appropriate safe dancing exercise will be recommended. If it is required, both children and grown-ups can get a personal consultation concerning weight management and eating disorder treatment. A mobile medical team of the clinic will help there and then within 24 hours, and in case hospitalizing is necessary children are placed together with their parents in order to lessen the stress and worries in a family. Adults as well as the youngsters can have a check-up in GMS Clinic. On top of that, both students and their parents are provided with an exclusive 10% discount by GMS Clinic.


Bosco de Ciliegi is a shop with over 200 brands of fashionable clothes and accessories. Our shops are located in historical trading centres of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and Sochi.

Bosco de Ciliege also includes perfume and cosmetics shops such as “Articoli by Bosco”,”Articoli Salon&Spa” beauty salon and “Dior Institut”. Besides, jewelry and watch boutiques like “Sublime by Bosco”, a dentist “Bosco Clinics” and Bosco Café are the parts of Bosco de Ciliege.

We have been making the Bosco Sports collection of clothes for sports and leisure sports for 16 years as well as official sport equipment for the team of Russia on eight Olympic Games. Due to its sport experience the brand can be also seen in new collections of Bosco Fresh: bright patterns, attention to details, a recognizable design make a style and joy for a family.


GUM, which is located on Red Square, is the heart of Moscow where everything starts in Russia. Time revolves around GUM, everything changes: centuries, epochs, parliament, but it is still in the centre of Moscow – The Major Department Store of a huge country. It is considered a world fame. Thanks to its bright individuality it is as famous and recognizable as the Kremlin or the Bolshoi Theatre.

Over 100 thousand customers visit the shop daily. It is mostly famous for representing by far the most outstanding and world well-known brands like: Breguet, Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Dior, Etro, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Omega, Piaget, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tiffany &Co, Van Cliff &Arpels. GUM is not just a shop where you can buy everything, it is an architectural art of work. It is a point of fashion on the map of Moscow. Fashion shows, art and photo exhibitions are held here. Since 2006 there has been GUM-Skating Rink every winter which immediately gained its popularity as the main ice ground of the country.


Confideri Family Office is our financial and juridical advisor. Like a multifamily office, Confideri specializes in structuring active assets, corporate and private capital security, investment projects, working with family successors and also providing protection of business beneficiaries’ and their families’ interests.  Confideri’s philosophy is “to be a trustee to our client”.  Therefore, it implements the best international methods and practice in its work. Confideri is considered to be the best family office in Russia according to SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards of 2019.


Making a uniform for ballet schools, which got its start with the collaboration with Moscow Choreographic Academy and Academy of Russian Ballet in honour to Vaganova A.Y. has always been of a great importance and the uniform for the Central Ballet School has become an excellent example of professionals’ cooperation of teachers, designers and technologists. By the example of the best ballet academies of the world, more and more schools and teachers pay a great attention to the practice clothes worn during ballet dancing. A total -look disciplines students and enables teachers to control students perform the elements in a proper way. We appreciate the atmosphere of the trust and frankness of the collaborative work on the uniform and we are totally convinced that the students value the quality of the fabric the uniform is made of as well as the constructions, laconic but interesting ornamental elements and its exceptional comfort.

Concept Voyage

Our partner – concierge club “Concept Voyage” is responsible for all “optional programs” of the Central Ballet School abroad which include excursions, different kinds of secular, business and entertaining events. The club is called “our friend in need” in terms of organizing and arranging all the travels for our students and their parents together with “CBS VOYAGE” and making their travelling comfortable and amazing.


Before a tutu was invented ballet dancers had to wear a tight corselet and heavy skirts with plenty of petticoats, which does not fit a lot of modern stage performance today. It was rather difficult to find proper clothes for children in the 18thcentury. Thus, Marie – France -Cohen got involved into fashion, when she realized that she could not find any proper clothes for her own children. So, in 1975 she established one of the most famous French clothes brands Bonpoint for children, focusing mostly on functional design, natural and of high quality fabric, details and light French chic as the main aesthetics of the brand.


Laduree began its history in 1862, when Louis Ernest Laduree opened his own bakery where later in 1908 Dyagelev held Russian Seasons, in Paris. Following his wife’s advice Louis Ernest changed the bakery into the first tea lounge in the city which became popular among ladies as the place for meeting and having a nice time together, possibly for Sergey Pavlovich’s troop meetings as well. Several centuries later, Louis Ernest’s heir Pierre Desfontaines made a well- known Laduree dessert “Macaron” look the way we can see it today. Since then the dessert “Macaron” has been the pride of Laduree’s House and one of the most famous and popular French desserts, which charmed all the world just the same way as the Russian ballet did. 

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