Enrollment of children for the 2020-2021 academic year

Board of trustees

Denis Leonidovich
Chairman of the Board of trustees.

Piano virtuoso, a public man, national artist of Russian Federation .

A recipient of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Government.
Matsuev Denis Leonidovich
Sati Zareevna
An actress and a TV presenter.

A recipient of TEFI award.

An award with the Order of Friendship for outstanding service in TV and radio broadcasting, culture and rewarding work.

Spivakova Sati Zareevna
Michail Ernestovich
A founder and a chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bosco di Ciliegi company.

Chairman of ZAO MMD “Vostok-Zapad”.

Chairman of GUM Board of Directors.

Vice chairman of the Public Chamber of Moscow.

A founder of the theatre festival “Chereshnevyi Les”.
Kusnirovich Michail Ernestovich
Prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre, a national artist of Russian Federation.

Art director of the Central Ballet School.
Shipulina Ekaterina
Enterpreneur, philanthropist.

A founder of Evahoff Gmbx.

Chairman of the Guardianship Board of the combat school “Top Ten”.

A member of the parental committee of ANO “School President”, chairman of the general committee of the Central Ballet School.
Andryushina Lyudmila
Secretary of the Board of trustees.

Enterpreneur and head partner of CONFIDERI Family Office.

Five-time recipient of the Prize SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards.
Raykes Olga
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