Admission of children for the 2021-2022 academic year
Gurevich Darya
"Improve results every day, step by step towards your goal"

Gurevich Darya

Ballet dancer

Ballet teacher



Darya was born in 1981 in Moscow. Since 1999 she has been the member of the troop of the Bolshoi Theatre. She has been teaching choreography, stage and classical dance since 2006.


Teaching experience

  • Teaching experience -13 years.
  • Teacher of choreography, stage and classical dance -since 2006
  • Teacher of pre-entry courses RATI (till 2008), School of Figure Skating in “Luzhniki”(till 2009), schools of  Art Gymnastics in Moscow( till 2015)
  • Teacher of classical dance in People’s Studio of Art Dance “GAVASTI” in the House of Culture “Stimul” GBUK of Moscow- till present.


Stage-manager and choreographer experienсe 

  • Stage-manager, choreographer of jubilee-concert program for “Luminark” firm (2011)
  • Stage-manager, choreographer of concert program “Igor Krutoy and Radio Jazz” (2012)



  • Ballet-dancer (Moscow Choreographic Academy,1999)
  • Teacher- ballet mistress (GITIS,2009)


Main stage\ Repertoire

More than 20 parts including “Fairy of Gold”, “Fairy of Tittup”, “Fairy of Silver” (“Sleeping Beauty”), “Dance with a Jug” (“La Bayadera” by Minkus L), “the first pas de trois” (“Agon” by I. Stravinsky), “two pairs”  (Symphony in C by G. Bizet), a role in “Emeralds” \ ”Izumrudy” to music by G. Faure)



Painting, reading, music, her beloved daughter upbringing


About Ballet and Life

“Ballet is an amazing art that combines a lot, physical culture and spiritual in particular. Ballet and music are inseparable. What can express our emotions and our inner world better than a dance to music?” 


“While learning to dance the most important things are desire, patience and love. To improve your results constantly is to move forward to your goal step by step”.


Teaching Motto

"To share your knowledge and experience with your students and inspire them. Patience and individual approach to every student."


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